The Anita B empowers small businesses online, by providing knowledge and practical tools that can be implemented immediately.

We provide affordable WordPress websites and help our clients build their digital brand via our free and paid courses and programmes!

We Specialise in:

Affordable WordPress Websites

Free & Paid Courses

Online Tools & Help

What results do you want to see in your Business?

Everything we do is aimed towards that one thing that matters most – the results. We don’t try to win art awards (although our web sites probably would) and we don’t throw a bunch of technology at you and hope that you magically figure out a way to make it work for you… We start with your result and create the perfect website to get there.
The reason we start with your website is because it is the cornerstone to any business building and growing your brand online.

I want more customers

(Grow Your Business Leads)

We have many tools to help you engage and convert customers online. The most simplest and effective way is using a website, with landing pages to grow leads. How we can help;

  • Look professional – send people who you know to your website and draw them into finding out more!
  • Don’t struggle to write content for your site – we make it simple!
  • User Guides and Courses to teach you how to edit and build on your site!

I want to increase sales from my existing customers

(Capitalise On Your Leads)

So your online and have visitors to your site, now what?

We help you to use your website and other things like CRMs to actually start helping to close a deal. Other Digital tools such as Google Apps (now GSuite), Social Media and E-Marketing can give your business the boost it needs!

For our website clients we enable your site to grow as you grow with our flexible monthly terms – want e-commerce, we have you covered! Want to incorporate a CRM selling machine – covered!

I want to save time in my business but still increase my customers and sales.

(Automate Your Nurture Campaign)

Nurturing your customers using technology to automate what is possible. Whether it’s a simple automatic email (mail poet) or a complex CRM with automation linking through your online presence we can you help you achieve your desired results!

Saving you both time and money, while helping you through every step of the process!

Our Website Services

Designed to empower you, our websites let you take as much or as little control of your own site as you wish, and for it to grow as you grow. We then offer courses for those who want to take control, or maintenance plans for those who want us to take care of things for now.

All our sites include the following features as standard:



Works on all devices big and small.



Start bloggins away for your hearts desire!


Safe & Secure

Extra functionality to make it super safe.


Wordpress CMS

With drop-n’drag interface to easily edit your site.



Share any events or important dates.


Royalty Free Images

We connect your site directly to Pixabay.


Google Analytics

Know exactly how many people are on your site.


Fast Loading

Your site will be optmised to the max!


User Guide

Physical and online to see how to manage your site.

Our Pricing

Small business starter site

Prices start from...
  • Everything included in our base features, plus have a multi-page site. Choose all or some of the Pages below:
  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Photo Gallery
  • Blog
  • Contact Us
  • Also, Sign up Form (for Data capture)

Add-ons include:

  • Contact Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • E-Commerce
  • Result Driven Landing Pages
  • Plus much more! Just ask.

Custom Websites: 

Contact us with your requirements and we will work with you to create a purpose built website to suit your business needs!

Courses include:

  • Using Mailpoet
  • SEO
  • Marketing your website
  • Plus many more coming soon!

Flexible Maintenance Plans:

Need on-going help with your site? We have options to suit both your requirements and budget!

It finally doesn’t need to a hard / a burden / challenging / expensive

Save time


Whatever we do, We make it simple. Our websites use our content wizard to gather everything you have that you want on your site. Then sit back and relax while we bring your ideas to life!

Our clients love our live classes as we teach you in simple, easy to digest steps. We enjoy them too as we love to hear from you and what problems you are facing so we can tailor our sessions to suit the group as a whole. Don’t have time for a live classes, just view our on-demand courses (coming soon) and learn in your own time.

Save money


Perfect for start-ups and small businesses, we build affodable websites and empower you to be able to grow it as you grow. Prices start from just £299 for a Single Story Teller site, based on our industry knowledge and the needs of our past clients!

We also offer a mixture of free and paid courses, as well as ad hoc free webinars with any topics that our clients are wanting to know about. If thats not enough for you, we also take part in free advice clinics every month. So join our mailing list now to stay in the loop!


Free yourself from frustration.


All our websites have easy to use manuals, training guides all aligned to your result. If it’s not result driven, you don’t need to see it or learn it! Don’t have time to do it yourself? We also have affordable flexible maintenance plans to suit your needs.

All our courses have been created by hearing the frustrations of our clients, or frustrations we have experienced ourselves. We do not want you to go through the same difficulties we have, so you can get on with what you do best, running your business!

Ongoing support


Never get left in the dark… we’ll help you every step of the way.

Our website maintenance and support plans are tailored to you and your business. Our live courses are extremely popular as you get ongoing support throughout the courses and after via our other platforms. We offer free advice across London at our drop in sessions, plus we offer a free no obligation digital consultation just contact us today to claim yours!

Some Examples

Below are some sites using our same easy drop’n’drag theme:

Our Courses

Coming very soon…

Online Advice, Help and Tools

Gmail for business

Professional, easy to use, & email address. But you get so much more, you will also have an alias email address and you can run your business using Google Apps anywhere on any device!


As a GoDaddy partner we can assist you in finding and buying the right domain for your business. Choose your .com or today!


Working with the best hosting companies in the business, we recommend and can facilitate in helping you choose the right hosting plan to suit your business needs.

Free Resources

Join our mailing list to be amongst the first people with access to our free resources to help you online. Topics include Apps, hacks and Tips to save you time and money by taking your business digital!

Our Story

A few years ago I set up my first business and I needed a simple website with 5 pages maximum. I had just been given a loan in the amount of £1,000 to start my business and this was the exact amount for a website that did not have any moving parts.

I was horrified but I found other small businesses were in the same boat too. It was then I saw a gap in the market for a website company to help small businesses get online and grow online. However, whilst working with clients of for the past few years and running free advice clinics and workshops, I kept on hearing horror stories about people who had websites made and anytime they wanted to add or change anything minor there would be additional changes put upon them by their web providers, either leaving them out of pocket to cover these unexpected charges, or they simply would abandon their newly created websites.

Due to this we wanted a website platform that ANYONE can use to make modifications, can come back to after a while and simply watch a video to refresh their minds on how to make changes. Therefore empowering the client.

After two years we now have the most amazing website platforms that still constantly evolves to service our clients better. We have researched the best complimentary web products to suit our clients needs regardless of the budget, plus we have now created courses, workshops and programmes to help our clients continue to develop their online brand, business and knowledge so they can focus on increasing their customers and sales!

Contact us!

Get started with a free consultation / quote.

Just enter your details here…


I have been told I need to get a website but not sure what I need or even where to start?

First we will arrange a call to find out more about you, your business and your goals and from this conversation we will be able to point you in the right direction.

I already have a website but find it is not working for me, can you still help me?

Yes, simply contact us and we can book in a call with you to discuss what is and what is not working for you and recommend ways you can make it work for you!

Can I use a personal email address such as google, hotmail etc. to run my business?

You can it’s not a good look. Having a professional email address linked to your company name can go a long way in making a good impression online. We highly recommend using Gmail For Business as your business email provider. If you buy from us you will get a discount on your plan.

I am not ready for a website but I have been told I need to buy a domain name, is this true?

Yes, it is important to secure your domain name as soon as possible. This way you can stop anyone else from using it and when you are ready your domain can easily be connected to your website.

As a start up I currently only need a small website possibly selling a small product range. However, I plan to grow within the next few years. Do I need to buy a new website then?

No, with our websites they can all scale and grow with you and your business without you having to buy another website.

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